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Revolutionize Your WordPress Hosting Experience

Ready for seamless, automated WordPress hosting, along with advanced site management? Discover xCloud’s powerful features & services

Select Hosting As Needed

  • Deploy Your Server Instantly by xCloud Automation without a single line of code.

  • xCloud offers seamless WordPress hosting for an exceptional online experience.

  • Simplify Your Online Success Journey Today.

Launch Your Site With Few Clicks

  • Install WordPress site in seconds with xCloud’s lightning-fast installation process

  • Boost your online presence and ignite your website with our user-friendly platform.

  • Experience hassle-free website setup and watch your digital dreams come to life effortlessly.

Manage Server & Sites

  • xCloud provides a single platform to monitor server performance, security, and updates for all your WordPress websites.

  • Easily share access with team members to efficiently manage and optimize your websites, ensuring they perform at their best.


Integrate & Manage Any Cloud Provider

Bring any cloud provider in xCloud such as Vultr, GCP, DO, AWS, etc., and create lightning-fast WordPress Sites.

Global Reach

xCloud Servers Are Located All Around The World

Global server coverage for optimal performance everywhere.

Key Highlights

Transforming Your WordPress Experience

Global server coverage for optimal performance everywhere.

Full Access & No limitation

You have root access to your xCloud server, and we’re here for support. Our system uses updatable standard packages, giving you server flexibility.

Cache It All For Top Speed

We use Redis caching for faster site performance, with presets for WordPress core and plugins like WooCommerce.

Always Fresh & Up-to-Date

xCloud uses stable, public apt repos for Nginx, PHP, MySQL, and Redis – no custom builds. Enjoy regular upgrades, even when disconnected.

Maximizing ROI Through Automation

Simplify your server woes with xCloud. No more shared hosting, just effortless management of NGINX, SSL, PHP-8, MySQL, NodeJS, and Ubuntu OS.

Free Server & Site Migration

Deployed with xCloud? Enjoy seamless site migration, with our team assisting in scheduled free transfers.

Team Management

xCloud Team Management streamlines teamwork, server control, and website access for effortless development.


Migrate Unlimited WordPress Website for Free

  • Move bulk websites to xCloud easily using our Full Server Migration Feature without any additional cost.

  • Use our free Migration Plugin to migrate sites from shared hosting guided by our simple step-by-step methods.

  • Our WordPress expert team is always here to assist you, ensuring all your websites are migrated swiftly without affecting your live sites.